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Don't come to Brazil: Vin Diesel interrupts interview to harrass Brazilian YouTuber

While in Brazil to promote his new XXX movie at the Brazilian comic-con, Vin Diesel was interviewed by Brazilian youtuber and Omelete (a pop culture website) collaborator Carol Moreira.

He thought that was the appropriate time to interrupt her 3 times and talk about how he can't focus on the interview because she's pretty and call her sexy af.

Before the video, posted to her YouTube channel, Carol talks a bit about it, highlighting how uncomfortable that made her and how all she could do was laugh in the face of such discomfort and disruption of her job. She also promised to talk more about it in another video. Of course she's now being further harassed for exposing his ass, with lots of people saying she should've been thankful for the unwanted compliments.

The actual interview after the first few seconds of the video is in English:

Source: YouTube

Mods, I'm on my phone so sorry if the formatting is a bit bad.
Tags: don't come to brazil, vin diesel
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