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Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock was assaulted at a restaurant in London

  • Leigh was attacked while she grabbed dinner with her friends at VQ in London.

  • Her friends called 999, but by the time police arrived, the attacker had already fled the scene.

  • A witness said that the attacker kept telling Leigh and one of her friends "if my girlfriend was here, you would both feel really intimidated."

  • Leigh's friend kept repeating to him that she wouldn't, before Leigh said that maybe she would.

  • The attacker told Leigh's friend to shut up, so Leigh told him not to be rude, and then he walked around the table and gave her a clean slap on the face.

  • According to witnesses, the attacker was really aggresive and he looked like he had been drinking.

  • Leigh was shocked about what happened, so she just started laughing at first, before she broke down crying and told her friends that she wanted to go home.

  • Police said that no arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.

  • Spokesmen for Leigh-Anne and Little Mix both declined to comment. The restaurant also didn't want to discuss the incident.

  • The date of the attack is confusing because British tabloids say that it happened on November 28, but Leigh posted a snap today that shows the bruise on her cheekbone, which would indicate that it just happened last night.

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This thing became really suspicious real fast. First Gracie deleted her tweet saying who the attacker was and then she recorded Leigh asking her what had happened to her cheek and Leigh said that she fell from a car last night. What are they trying to cover up?
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