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Celebs on continued crisis in Aleppo.

sophiabush: I've really been struggling with how to discuss what's happening in #Syria on this platform. It feels so strange to celebrate the blessings I have in my life, and share my gratitude and love for people, and then consider posting images of dying children which feel so violent and voyeuristic that I worry they risk being a form of torture porn... We should not have to exploit the blood of human beings, their extraordinary pain and suffering, to make people care.

Human beings are being systematically murdered by their government. It's merciless. It's cruel. No matter your politics. Those are facts. If you are not angry you are not paying attention.

I spent time at the White House last night, and discussed this crisis with thought leaders I respect. With families from Syria, who've been in the US for over 30 years but still weep for the destruction of their homeland and their family memories. I thought about the refugee families I sat with in Jordan years ago, who told me their stories of fleeing the conflict to protect their children, and what life was like in a refugee camp. How startling. How traumatic. How bleak. I will never forget them.

We cannot turn our backs on people. We may feel helpless watching the news, but our voices have power. Our capabilities to make noise, to organize, and to give are very real. I'd like to ask people to take some of what they'd be spending on another sweater or another pair of earrings this holiday, and consider paying it forward.

• Donate to Doctors Without Boarders, who are the on the frontline and have lost members of theirs trying to save civilians, who and are delivering babies as bombs fall.
• Donate to the International Rescue Committee, who will aid refugees.
• Donate to the White Helmuts, a Syrian non-partisan aid group.
• Call your Senators and demand to know what they are doing to help.
• Call the National Security Council @ 202-456-1111 and let them know you want to see them act.

#Aleppo, my heart breaks for you. You're in my prayers.

angelcandices: Why is this happening and no one can do anything about it...! I feel ashamed seeing these devastating pictures while we are all preparing for Christmas. Something needs to be done to stop this, And not just on social media in REAL life...because these are real lives of real children and families living in fear and desperation. #allepo ➡️We can try to help by donating to the Doctors who are there trying to save little lives. Doctors Without Borders. Link in my bio. @doctorswithoutborders

annehathaway: #Aleppo @doctorswithoutborders @savethechildren

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Mods I know there was already a post about Aleppo a few days ago but more celebs are speaking about it and people are still dying.
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