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~Oh, Tilda, No...~ Tilda releases emails with Margaret Cho

Jezebel releases the Tilda Emails
F/u from This post by Shangri__la

It hurts me to type this, as I am a Tilda-stan, but she's out of touch.

  • Email conversation was started May 13, 2016

  • Tilda reached out to Margaret to understand the uproar because Tilda doesn't do social media, and because Tilda's a fan.

  • Margaret was willing to engage, because reciprocal fan. Explained coherently about whitewashing.

  • Tilda responded with the director's official statement (no Fu Manchu, no Dragon Lady = white lady), I have always focused on diversity, and I laments modern storytelling about rural Scottish life (subtext: her family is also underrepresented in media) [this is the biggest facepalm to me]. Then asks for advice on what to do.

  • Margaret says Tilda should make her statements about trying to be diverse public and to promote Asian voices.

  • Tilda says thanks and talks about working with Bong Joon Ho on a Netflix film with Korean leads.

  • Margaret responds that it sounds good.

Source: Jezebel's Twitter post
So 1) Tilda does not understand privilege, 2) It's good that Tilda is not on social media because she'd be a mess
Tags: asian celebrities, comedy / comedian, fail, tilda swinton

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