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Little Mix take over SiriusXM Hits 1 social media

  • The girls visited SiriusXM Hits 1 in NYC today and took over their social media.

  • Jade did a livestream on Facebook, Leigh-Anne was in charge of their Twitter account, Perrie took over their Snapchat and Jesy answered questions on Instagram.

  • Jade answered the most questions, and the girls also appeared on the livestream.

  • Power took the longest to complete because they kept making changes to it. Originally, the chorus was more rock-like and guitar-heavy.

  • She wishes that they had done a video for Nothing Feels Like You, and she thinks Power would make a good video. Nothing Else Matters could also be a good tour video.

  • They really want to go to Latin America.

  • When asked who or what makes her happy in life, she said that the girls make her happy everyday because they make her job not feel like a job, her boyfriend even though she never sees him, and her family and friends.

  • The girls love watching horror movies while on tour. They love The Conjuring, The Exorcist and It.

  • Perrie was wearing some boots that Kim Kardashian wore before and she never thought that they were going to be so hot; her feet were sweating a lot.

  • Jade loves Philadelphia, San Francisco and New York City, and if she didn't live in London she would live in NYC.

  • Her fashion inspiration is Zoë Kravitz.

  • They're excited about spending more time in the US next year and to tour with Ariana Grande. They love touring because they get to perform and to see their fans.

  • Perrie made a dad joke, as always.

  • Jade's dad used to dress as Santa every Christmas when she was little, and one year she thought that Santa had stolen her dad's slippers because he was wearing them, so that's how she found out that Santa wasn't real.

  • She used to sing all day on Christmas Day at a restaurant, and she would also sing Christmas Carols outside of a supermarket and her friends would laugh at her, but it doesn't matter because she made it at the end.

  • She loves the lyrics from Always Be Together and the chorus from Wings.

  • They would have loved to write any Beyoncé song or any Christmas song, and they would also love to release a Christmas album.

  • She's planning on getting a couple more tattoos: a henna design on her foot, and the quote No Day But Today from Rent but she doesn't know in which part of her body, yet. Before you start dragging her because of the tattoo she wants to get, friendly reminder that her mom is Egyptian and Yemeni.

  • Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne talked about their favorite musicals.


They talked a lot about Christmas, so I gotta ask: ONTD, have you finished buying your Christmas presents or are you the Grinch?
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