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Seth Rogen and 6 white guys talk avoiding ethnic stereotypes and breaking the mold of princesses

John Musker, director of Moana, talks about meeting with anthropologists and archaeologists in order to faithfully present Polynesian culture. He and his team visited Tahiti, Samoa, and Fiji. He also talks about criticism he received for fat-shaming Polynesians, saying he took pictures of people he saw on his trip and based the characters on them.

Seth Rogen, who was a writer, producer, and voice actor for Sausage Party, talks about how Sausage Party was about how our religion, beliefs, how we look, and how we speak divides us. He also says that there were a ton of characters that were removed from the movie because of reactions they might have gotten from the audience.

Mike Mitchell, director of Trolls, talks about how he wanted to change the image of a big-eyed, tiny-wristed, dainty princess to one with a big melon head and giant teeth that is ugly but also cute.

Byron Howard, one of the directors of Zootopia, says that in order to research for the character Judy, he and his team spoke to female police officers to find out about their struggles in a male-dominated profession. He said that his research influenced him in making Judy a character who doesn't want to be treated differently because she is small or because she is female.

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