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zayn stops by elvis duran to talk about idwlf, his book, and more!

on how idwlf came about: zayn had been recording vocals for the single with song-writer jack antonoff when he mentioned it to taylor, who'd heard it previously and liked it. he later asked her if she wanted to be included on the track, and they added her vocals in remotely.

on growing up in bradford, the city infamous for its 2001 racial riots: mentions being very thankful to have been raised there because "people are very easily ready to pull you down to the earth when you get big headed".

on how he deals with fame: "i'm enjoying what i'm doing. there were times in the band when i needed time away to get my thoughts, [but] i feel like i have the time to process things now and i'm doing it in my own space and place."

on his intentions with his book: "i felt there was just a couple of things i needed to say that might have been misconstrued in other forms of media. i just wanted to clarify that i was grateful for everything that had been given to me prior to my solo career and that everything that may have been perceived as me not being grateful was down to me having issues within myself; and not being able to express that was something that i wanted to explain to people."

full audio interview:

video clip:

arriving at/leaving gigi's apartment:

taking pics with fans:

my bad, mods!

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