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JDM Agrees Negan Talks Too Much, Confirms Hilarie is Wifey

Morgan stopped by "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk The Walking Dead

  • The cast was hostile towards him at first: "Me coming in initially was a shock to the system, not noly for the show but for some of the castmates who are so close to each other, and they're gonna lose one or two of their own." Later when asked if they blamed him, he said "Yeah, it's not the writers, or the creators of the comic, it was somehow put on me, that I was the bad guy, the shithead as it were. And it took a bit of time of me being on set and joking around in between takes, but it worked out great and I'm really close with them now and I've been accepted to be part of the family. For the most part."

  • He thinks Negan talks too much: "My original script (season 6 finale) was just a 17 page monologue. They didn't send me the whole script, it was literally 17 pages of Negan talking. And I was like 'Oh my God, this has gotta get better.' And I'll be damned, I came back to do season 7 and every script, if Negan's in it he's doing all the talking...Negan uses this world as his stage and Shakespearean is a very apt term for him because he does take center stage and loves being the center of attention and so his monologues, a lot of them are him putting on a show for Rick and the survivors. I think behind closed doors hopefully he's a little bit quieter but certainly when he's trying to make a point he belabors that into some kind of monologue or show-stopping routine. As an actor who gets the script at the last second I'd prefer he toned it down word wise. What happened to 'it's all in the eyes'?! You know how many times I tell my writers I don't need it to be 20 pages of monologue! But I think that's part of the joy of this character. This verbal diarrhea he has. It's all going somewhere, you just have to pay attention."

  • Hilarie is his wife whether they're married or not, deal with it: "I'm not charming in real life. I'm moody. Horrible. All those things. My wife will tell you that there is no charm, no. It's miserable." And later: "I've gotten some mail with sexual undertones. Gag me, spank me, bring Lucille. It's like, whoa. It's a lot, man! It's a special pile I keep away from my wife."

  • Says if he wanted people to get to know his work, the top 3 he'd recommend are: Texas Killing Fields, The Watchmen, and Grey's Anatomy.

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