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DRAMA at Adult Swim as show with neo-nazi "alt-right" undertones gets axed

YIKES! Where to begin? Let's start here. Last August, Adult Swim began airing a show called "Million Dollar Explosion Presents: World Peace". The show, on it's surface, was like any other Adult Swim offering: messy, awkward and intentionally bizarre jump cuts, random subject matter, low budgets, odd characters and bizarre scenarios. Watch a little more closely and you will uncover an insidious undercurrent that shares similar humor markers with ""alt-right"" neo-nazi communities online.

Yesterday among mounting scrutiny, the show was cancelled. And despite their best efforts of trying to keep things quiet, things have exploded behind the scenes for Adult Swim

-Created by a Rhode Island based trio, who had an alt-right neo-nazi following online well before the show was picked up by adult swim
-Sketches on the show include: sending a woman into a glass table because she wasn't attractive enough, a black woman bragging about getting 40k+ in disability, plenty of homophobic remarks, and an instance of the creator in black face
-In Buzzfeed's report on Million Dollar Extreme's popularity with people who identify themselves as "alt-right" neo-nazis it was noted that Adult Swim's own standards department found coded messages, including swastikas, that the network removed before the show aired.
-Adult Swim senior vp Mike Lazzo supported the show and wanted to keep it, he found it funny

-An anonymous Adult Swim star was quoted saying: "These guys [fans of the show] just don't behave like reasonable people, I actually never had a problem with it airing. It wasn't Tim or Brett Gelman that got the show canceled. It was the fans. They were harassing Adult Swim employees and people working on other shows."
-Says the shows creator, Sam Hyde: "The execs — the Jewish Adult Swim executives, the black Adult Swim executives — they all loved it."
-Comedian Brett Gelman severed ties with the network over the decision to keep airing the show (his resignation was also in protest of the network's complete absence of female showrunners. MORE ON THAT LATER)
-Tim Heidecker spoke out in support of Gelman's decision, but said he would remain at the network
-The show is then cancelled on December 5th, 2016
-After the cancellation Sam Hyde, the creator of the show, called in TWICE to Tim Heidecker's podcast/Facebook live show "Office Hours" where I've pulled the following exchange:
Hyde: "You’ve been pretty supportive of the effort to get the show pulled down, because why? Because it’s racist? Because I wore blackface, which Sarah Silverman does ten times a year?"
Heidecker: But there’s no evidence of me doing anything. What have I been doing? It’s all innuendo and hearsay.
Hyde: I’ve heard reliable people say that you were instrumental, that Judd Apatow went to talk to Adult Swim to ask for it to be pulled down.
Heidecker: You know when the last time I talked to Judd Apatow was? The Bridesmaids release party.
Hyde: You’ve been supportive of your buddy Brett Gelman, who has…
Heidecker: Yeah, exactly. The word “buddy” is key here. I’m supportive of whatever he wants to do. He says he doesn’t want to make shows for Adult Swim anymore, not just because of your show, but because of their issues with women, and I’ve got my own thoughts about that. When people were asking me what I thought about Gelman making his statement, I said I support my friend, because I support whatever he wants to do. And then I said — cause they were saying “Why don’t you quit too?” — I’m not gonna fucking quit, that’s stupid. That’s all I said.

Folks denouncing the show/creator
Bret Gelman, the comedian who left the network as a statement

Vic Berger

Chastity Belt (their music was used on the program)

The Tim Heidecker song that drew the ire of "MDE: World Peace" fans

Also: did you know that Adult Swim has NEVER produced a show created by a woman? Out of all 47 shows currently airing or in development, not a single woman can be found on the creation side.

words by me, quotes in quotes
sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

oops ya got next'd Sam Hyde
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