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Sofia Vergara Is Being Sued By Her Embryos

A right-to-life lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana against Sofia Vergara on behalf of her two frozen embryos. The female embryos are listed as "Emma" and "Isabella" in court papers.

Vergara has been engaged in a California court battle with her ex-fiance Nick Loeb over the embryos they created in 2013 (she wants them destroyed and he wants them implanted in a surrogate). But he apparently dropped that suit this week after the judge ruled in favor of Vergara's request to force Loeb to identify two of his previous girlfriends who had abortions after he impregnated them.

The new lawsuit contends that Emma and Isabella, by not being born, have been deprived of an inheritance from a trust that has been ­created for them in Louisiana. It accuses Vergara of refusing “to allow her daughters Emma and Isabella to continue their development, so they remain frozen in a tank,’’.

Loeb is not listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, but appears to be behind it. Although Loeb doesn't currently live in Louisiana, he attended college there and is still a reserve police officer there. He apparently believes that he will have better luck with a lawsuit in the traditionally pro-life, conservative South than in California.

Louisiana law forbids the destruction of frozen embryos, and is the only state in the U.S. to consider them "juridical persons" . But several legal experts told the New York Post that it will be difficult to convince a judge that the case should be heard in Louisiana since the embryos are in California.

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