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A Little Mix reality show/documentary may be on its way

  • Syco Music is offering an intimate look into the lives of Little Mix as they're set to have their own tell and show all TV documentary about their loves, lives and music as they tour the US and Europe, and then head home in 2017.

  • Little Mix's team is currently working on the project and it's looking to land a deal with UK broadcasters.

  • Because it will be a fly-on-the-wall kind of show, no subjects will be off the record, and the girls have all committed to letting cameras follow them 24/7.

  • Jesy says that they're still in talks, but that they would love to do a documentary because they feel people don't really know them or their personalities, even though they know their songs and have seen them perform. Also, because they're going to be on tour for a whole year, they would like to be followed on this journey.

  • Leigh says that even though they're on board with the idea right now, maybe once they're actually doing it they're going to tell everyone to leave them alone.

  • Leigh also confessed that there's always drama in their lives, so this will be the first time people actually see what happens behind the scenes regarding their personal lives, their love lives and their careers, and how they react when confronted with problems.

  • A source at Syco Music said that the documentary plans are currently for a run of around four parts based around their tour next year, rather than a one-off, but it could also be styled like the One Direction film from their tour.


ONTD, what's your favorite reality show or documentary about musicians? I really liked the Katy Perry one.
Tags: film - documentary, little mix, reality show celebrity

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