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ONTD Original: TV's 6 Most Grinchy Christmas Specials

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It's Christmas time, the time when people get together with family and friends and take a look at what's really important in life. A time to let people know how much you mean to them, and how much they mean to you. It's a beautiful and sentimental time...if you're a TV show character that is. Let's face it, most of us lose those warm and fuzzy feelings about the holidays once we hit adulthood, and some of us just plain hate this time of year.

Thankfully not all TV shows go completely mushy over Christmas. Some are bitter, cynical, realistic, depressing or just plain Grinch-y about it. To recognize those shows, here are 6 anti-Christmas Christmas specials that have graced television (in no particular order).

1. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - " Afternoon Delight"

Michael and Maeby have a bonding moment and that inspires them to sing karaoke at the Bluth company Christmas party (with embarassing results). Buster gets addicted to crane machines and starts blowing off going to Army to visit arcades instead. G.O.B is looking forward to the speech the employees of Bluth company should be giving him at the party, but he's alienated all of them by bragging about his expensive suits.

2. SEINFELD - "The Strike"

George creates a fake charity, The Human Fund, to avoid giving his boss a real Christmas present. Kramer and George's father decide to bring back the Costanza family tradition of Festivus, an anti-commercialism Christmas alternative which features a metal pole rather than a tree and "the feats of strength", a tradition where George is required to wrestle his father.

3. PEEP SHOW - "Seasons Beatings"

Mark and Jez host Christmas for Mark's family at their flat. Mark's new girlfriend Dobby also joins them, but Mark hasn't told his family they're dating. Mark's father is not very forgiving of the lack of tradition in the celebration, which leads to a lot of hostility and awkwardness at the get-together.

4. BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD - "It's a Miserable Life"

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The second part of the Beavis & Butthead Christmas special is a parody of the traditional "It's a Wonderful Life" story that many TV shows borrow from for Christmas specials. Ghosts visit Beavis and Butthead and show them how much better everyone's life would have been if Butthead wasn't born.

5. KING OF THE HILL - "Ms Wakefield"

Ms. Wakefield, a sweet old woman, shows up on the Hill's doorstep claiming that their home was where she grew up. Hank allows her to come inside so the family can let her look around. This sweet moment turns dark though when she refuses to leave, claiming she wants to die in the home where she had her happiest memories.

6. ROSEANNE - "Home For the Holidays"

This Christmas special starts out like any other, with Dan returning home after staying with his ill mother in California and the family preparing for Christmas day. It's sweet, funny and pretty much like any other 90s sitcom Christmas special. That is until the last few minutes, when Jackie catches Dan flirting with his mother's nurse over the phone. SURPRISE! There's no Santa and your dad's having an affair.

ONTD, do you enjoy the holidays? I know there are a lot I missed so share your favorites in the comments.

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