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Sense8's Christmas Special has a new clusterorgy + spoilers + new images.

*Spoilers from the Brazil Screening*

- There's a new orgy during the special involving the core 8 characters.
- Apparently there are a lot of fights featuring Sun. Doona Bae was at the screening which made people cheer even more.
- Toby Onwumere's performance as Capheus was greatly approved by the audience.
- Nomi/Amanita and Lito/Hernando will be explored a LOT more during the special and season 2.
- Kala helps Will with some kind of mindblock to keep Whispers out of his head.
- Kala has a lot more interaction with the other sensates.
- There's more people besides Whispers hunting sensates.
- They've seen the gay parade scene and it's one of the most beautifully shot scenes of the series, and Lana Wachowski was responsible for it. Also, EVERYTHING that leaked (Lito/Will, Sun/Will, Kala/Wolfgang, Will/Wolfgang, Nomi/Amanita/Kala, Sun/Capehus, etc...) are part of the show. Lana hide cameras in the crowd to get a real reaction.

New poster. Apparently the focus has shifted on Sun, Lito and Nomi.

New pics from Season 2/Christmas special:

Source 1, 2, 3, 4

19 days and counting!!!
Tags: lgbtq / rights, netflix, sense8 (netflix), sexy, spoilers
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