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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, Episode Promo & Descriptions, Interviews, Spoilers & More

The Flash 3x09 'The Present' Extended Promo & Preview Images

Unable to focus on the Christmas holidays, Barry seeks help from Golden Age Hottie - Actual Jay Garrick.
Determined to stop over the top cosplayer Savitar, he heads over to Earth-3 where Jay is busy battling Mark Hamill.
Meanwhile, Wally reveals that he has been training with HR, aka the only one who sees his potential as Kid Flash. Barry is pressed.
'Old wounds' are then reopened as Cisco faces his first Christmas without dead brother Dante (thanks for that, Barry).

{Episode 3x09 'The Present' Promo Images, 8 of 18, curated for your optimal enjoyment...}Collapse )

 photo 3x09 promopic forontd1_zpsc1dfn1ce.png

Midseason Finale Spoilers & Thoughts From Andrew Kreisberg

New problems ahead for Team Flash? With the midseason finale coming up on Tuesday, exec producer Andrew Kreisberg spills some deets about what to expect going forward... including a new villain for our team to face, and a complication which may drive the rest of Season 3...

Includes mentions of possible character death, and HR/Wally speedster training.

{Possible Plot SPOILERS for 3x09...}Collapse )

TomCav & Flash Cast Support a Canned Food Drive

Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker and Tom Felton support a canned food drive run by St Mary's Catholic High School in Ontario. Because they're cute, charitable, and it's that time of year.

Jesse Quick Returns, and Vibe Suits Up?

Speculation has been rife as to whether we will see Jesse Quick (and mostly her dad, Saviour of Earth-2, Harry Wells) again... and according to sources such as YVR and others who stalk Vancouver with decent cameras, it seems the answer is YES.

But what of bb speedster love, and the relationship between Jesse and Wally?
We may also be seeing more of the Vibe Suit, as previously shown.

{Images from Current Filming In Vancouver, Spoiler Warning!...}Collapse )

The Accelerated Man To Appear?

The Accelerated Man (Earth-19 Flash) was spotted filming in Downtown Vancouver in the last few days.
As to why Earth-19 people might be wandering around, current Wells 'HR' is also from Earth-19.

{Mystery Actor playing Earth-19 Flash 'Accelerated Man' Filming Downtown...}Collapse )

This Past week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...

Crossover shenanigans, the cast filming (they're up to 3x14 for table reads!), the cast out and about being cute, on set fun times, the return of Violett Beane, Tom Felton singing on set, and other promotional bits and bobs.

{This Precious Cast & Crew on Social Media Since Last Roundup...}Collapse )

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Dear ONTD FlashFam - how many parts of the four-way Crossover Week did you watch? Or did you go into hibernation for reasons of self-preservation? ❤️

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