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Mandy Moore reveals that her mom and two brothers are gay

Recently Mandy Moore sat down with Byrdie where she discussed a number of things ranging from some day to day aspects of her life to working on her new hit show This Is Us. Since Mandy plays a mother of triplets on the show the interviewer asked her if the singer / actress had ever thought of having a more "traditional" family life with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, lawyer husband, etc. Mandy responded almost immediately with a no and stated that her own family was the "least traditional".

"I’ve never really talked about this," she offers, "but my parents are divorced. My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay."

She went on to point out that she herself did marry young, at 24 to Ryan Adams, and that the "normal" thing ended up not really being what she expected (the couple split last year). She went on to say that her own family was amazing, did an incredible job at raising her and her siblings and that even with the split her parents maintained a good relationship.

"Everyone’s so much happier, richer, and more fulfilled, being their authentic selves," she concluded.

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I honestly never thought we'd still be talking about the girl who sang "Candy" 17 years later but damn it if I don't love Mandy Moore ❤️Is your family traditional, ONTD?
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