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Amy Sherman-Palladino Talks About The Gilmore Girls Revival + Final Four Words

- How many times have you been asked so far whether or not Gilmore Girls will be coming back again?

[Laughs.] Well, we just want people to watch these. Some people haven’t seen them yet. This was the story that we wanted to do. We wanted to do this year—a year in the life. So we accomplished what we wanted to do. We didn’t go in there with any intention of wanting to do more. There were no discussions between us and Warners or us and Netflix of having anymore.

You’ve said for years that you always knew what the last four words of the show would be. But the context of that finale (in which Rory tells her mom she’s pregnant) would have been different if it ended with Rory getting pregnant at 22 or 23 rather than 32. Why did you decide to stick with this same outcome anyway?

They both work on their own, because the purpose of leaving Rory in this position was always supposed to be that history repeats itself—daughter follows mother; where you lead I will follow. And that life throws you curveballs that you don’t expect. So it works either way. One, is that she’s just gotten out of college and she wants to start her life. And the other way is that she’s older but she also thinks she’s just figured out what her path is going to be, and she gets this curveball. I like it much better this way than that way, but who knew at the time? I actually think her being the same age as Lorelai was when we first met these two girls is also interesting.

Do you think the reaction to Rory’s downfall has been too harsh?

...Part of the reason to make Rory who she was was that we wanted to make a teenager who was into the other parts of life and who was comfortable in her own skin. She didn’t feel the need to be part of a big, popular clique—she had Lane, she had her mom, she was cool. She wasn’t fucking around at 13 years old; she wasn’t blowing guys in a bathroom at a party.

What would people want us to do instead? That Rory was married to Jess and they’re just happy and pretty? (I mean, yeah) Life is about conflict. The conflict of this girl was to take her down the road that she was least prepared for.


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