Lady Gaga Paris Roundup

ladygaga Ok on a scale 1-10 how many men (or women) wish they were me right now. Caught in Babe Sandwich👙😍💕#vsfashionshow

ladygaga with my angels! @gigihadid @bellahadid #VSFashionShow
Lady Gaga will perform at the VSFS, which will air on Dec 5 @ 10/9C on CBS

When asked about the Million Reasons music video, Gaga said "It's coming out in the next couple of weeks, don't worry."

She added, "There's a little surprise with it and a twist."

After the interview, Gaga took to the piano to deliver a beautiful performance of "Million Reasons" and "Just Another Day." Listen at the source above.

After hitting the Victoria Serets Fashion Show (airing on December 5th), the queen will perform on X FACTOR UK for December 4th's results show.

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