DAZED & Gay Times Magazine rave about SKAM (aka the show u need to be watching) / Episode Discussion

Clips from episode 7 (for anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about):

Isak comes out to his other two friends (bisexuality and pansexuality are briefly discussed, A+ Norway)

Isak's straight friends ask him about the guy he likes, give him advice on how to stop getting messed around by him and on how to text him (the last minute of this clip is the best)

[More spoilers: The final scene of episode 7 ♡]

[The first scene of episode 8 (released this morning) is a GREAT one and has created/reinforced a lot of speculation/theories about Even]

The cast possibly filming the last episode this weekend (Christmas-themed)

oblig Kevin McHale reaction:
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