ONTD Original: 6 hits that have another sis singing the chorus

6 hits that have another sis singing the chorus

you ever listening to these gorls & the chorus comes on & ur ear shifts gear? you notice a difference in frequency, its cause some other bit is singing ur faves' choruses, lets expose whos really on these choruses!

song: play
released: 2001
vocal chanteuse thats billed: jlo
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: christina million
jlo is the true lazy chanteuse and the gag is that shes always seemingly too good for the drama, shes always turning a brown eye to whatever shit is being spewed at ha, and she gets back to workbitch.mp3, well when miss christina (the good pop vocalist of our generation that gave us the kim possible theme song & am to pm & that ja rule song & that fabolous song & welcome to vegas) got in the booth and sang that chorus and jlo showed up at ha dave meyers directed video set to only.serve.looks, fuck a vocal. miss jlo SANG that chorus in the video like it came from ha own larynx, like shes shady but how can u hate ha?

song: this is what u came for
released: 2016
vocal chanteuse thats billed: calvin harris ft rihanna
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: taylor swiff
the good miss bianca from the rescuers down unda lookalike, the true messy bitch who lives for drama, miss taylor kept ha trap shut about the celine-type vocals she laid down for 2016's song of the summer TIWYCF but when miss taylor started licking the good benedict humberbatch were dunzo miss taylor wanted the world to know that she is actually the legenday songwriter of our generation, she got ha coinz now she wants the credit, i gag, but the true gag is that thru all the drama no one questioned why rihanna wasnt singing on the chorus lmao, a true scammer

song: superbass
released: 2011(?)
vocal chanteuse thats billed: nicki minaj
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: ester dean
estah dean, the true behind the scenes coin collecta she wrote all ya faves urban bopz, nicki needed that pop hit to take her to the stratosphere sis and ester came all the way thru with the chorus of a generation and nicki SANG during the video
song: same ol love
released: 2015

vocal chanteuse thats billed: selena gomez
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: charli xcx
idk who tf miss selena thinks shes foolin, the good sisses @ qtip need to sponsor her next tour cause ha good fans (honest q; what demographic of gays are selena gomez fans? is it the puerto rican girls that wear a purple h&m tee, a bartender vest, urban outfitter skinnyz & chucks?) need to know the truth. miss charli, the true underdog of pop, the songwriting chanteuse, the joni mitchell of our generation, handed selena an ashy rihanna bop & selena didnt even give miss charli the courtesy of changing the chorus, the true sloth of pop tbh

song: good time
released: 2011
vocal chanteuse thats billed: owl city
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: carly
coming off a blockbuster, record shattering debut album 'kiss' (we dont acknowledge ha otha), carly lent ha pristine mariah carey debut album-sized vocals to a local, owl city, after she came on and remixed the song it went to number 1, its still at number one, queen & this song alone sold more than thriller & that eagles album

song: somebodys watching me
released: the 80s
vocal chanteuse thats billed: miss rockwell
vocal chanteuse singing on the chorus: michael jackson
miss rockwell sis got miss berry gordy to give him a deal, and berry cut his ass an album, catch that! the true gag is that miss rockwell couldnt even showup to sing the chorus, so instead they got the good icon of music michael jackson to sing the complete chorus

ontd, are you gaggin?

text source is my own & video sources are: 1 2 3 4 5 6