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Kanye West Goes On Another Rant + Performs With Kid Cudi (Talks Beyonce and More)

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  • Kanye West had a show in Sacremento (Nov 19) and went on another rant

  • He was late, performed 3 songs, (including with Kid Cudi), talked for about 20 minutes, and ended the show

  • He called out Beyonce, Jay Z, mentioned Drake, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, and apparently others

  • Kid Cudi came out to perform with Kanye

  • Kanye and Kid Cudi hugging

  • Says he's got a vision and keeping it real

  • "Beyonce I was hurt, I went down 7 years on behalf..", then tells someone not to throw stuff when he's talking

  • Putting his career, life and public will standing on the line being outspoken as he is

  • Kanye said he was hurt by Beyonce because he heard said she wouldn't perform (at the VMA's) unless she won Video Of The Year over himself and Drake's "Hotline Bling"

  • Said Beyonce is great, Taylor Swift is great, but "sometimes we play politics too much and forget who we are just to win"

  • Says screw being cool and looking cool

  • Says he gives "my truth" at the risk of his own sucess and own life

  • Also reminds Jay Z to call him because he hasn't called yet

  • Tells Jay Z "I know you got killers. Please don't send them to my head. Talk to me like a man" (yikes)

  • Talks about how people working in radio, and program directors are real people with families but they don't play what they want to play

  • They get paid to play "that bullshit over and over"

  • Says "we love Drake, Drake is great, he's a great artist but Frank Ocean is great too"

  • Says Kid Cudi is the greatest and "radio fuck you! Oh yeah I'm on my trump shit tonight! Radio, fuck you!"

  • Says he's not scared and he's going to change things

  • He's got a vision and he might not say things the right way but will say how he feels

  • Tells the press to get ready to "write passive aggressive and racist comments because the shows over"

  • Fans booing

  • Fans yelling "fuck you Kanye"

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Tags: beyoncé, drake, frank ocean, jay-z, kanye west, kid cudi, taylor swift

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