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Mike Pence goes to see Hamilton, gets booed

- Mike Pence (Vice President Elect) was at the November 18 performance of Hamilton and was booed by the crowd. Pence has been heavily criticized for his anti-gay policies. Javier Munoz, who currently plays Alexander Hamilton in the musical, is an openly gay actor and HIV positive.
- Pence was apparently booed when he took his seat. The crowd was partiulalry rowdy during scenes with King George III. They even had to pause the show after the lines "when people say they hate you" and "do you know how hard it is to lead?" The show had to be paused again during the reprise of "You'll Be Back," as the crowd booed Pence at every line
- The show ended with the cast directly addressing Pence, introducing themselves as diverse America and asking him to work on behalf of "all of us."

more of the speech:

Source + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

edited to add some different videos.
also if twitter is anything to go by pence did indeed leave during the speech :(
Tags: lin-manuel miranda / hamilton, politics

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