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Carlos Vives Comments on His Daughter's Kiss with 5H's Lauren Jauregui

For anyone not in the know: pictures were found of Lauren from Fifth Harmony and childhood bff/Carlos Vives' daughter Lucy kissing at a family wedding after they were (mistakenly?) put online. Pigrez Hilton went on to spread the photos on twitter.

transcript + translation:

“Yo a Lauren [vocalista de Fifth Harmony] la conozco desde que la llevaba al colegio. Los hijos son los hijos; uno ama a los hijos y yo a mi hija le he enseñado que detrás de todo lo que haga hay amor. Si ese beso es amoroso, ese beso vale un millón”

"I have known Lauren since I was taking her to school. Your kids are your kids, one loves their kids and i have taught my daughter that behind everything she does there must be love. If that kiss is loving, that kiss is worth a million"

Lauren and her reps have declined to comment so far.

twitter sources 1 & 2 | source for second statement
Tags: fifth harmony, latino celebrities, lgbtq / rights

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