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Kanye West says he will run in 2020 & that if he voted this year he would have voted for Trump

  • Kanye believes that he will have enough experience to run for president by 2020

  • Kanye said that if he had voted in the 2016 election, he would have voted for Trump

  • Kanye said that he admires Trump's campaign and debate style because it isn't politically correct

  • Kanye said his campaign will be based on education and housing

  • Kanye believes he can become president because "Rappers are philosophers of our now, celebrities are the influencers of our now, just look at the president, he wasn't in politics & won"

  • Scooter Braun told Kanye that he shouldn't come out as a Trump supporter before the election

  • When someone threw something at him for his Trump support he threatened to cancel the show and said 'Am I not allowed to have an opinion I'm a human being too, I have feelings, I liked the debates, Im a guy & a rapper, I'm a non political rebel, the debates were entertaining."

Source: Twitter
Tags: donald trump, kanye west, politics

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