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Kathy Griffin talks Britney Spears: "She's not all there."

Kathy Griffin appeared on Larry King's show, where she shared the story of the time when Britney Spears invited her up on stage during the performance of her song "Freakshow" at her Vegas show. When Britney invited Kathy up on stage, Britney didn't know who Kathy was, even though she has met her multiple times before, and her backup dancers had to tell Britney who Kathy was.

During the interview, Larry asked Kathy if she ever forgets what city she is in while touring, and Kathy said that she empathizes with people who tour. She then asked Larry King if he knows who Britney Spears is, and he says that she's been on his show twice before.

Kathy then asks Larry if Britney ever gave him the "pinwheel eyes" because she's "not all there." She continues, asking Larry if he was gentle with Britney and "got through to her in a way that her doctors couldn't," since she is "fragile."

Source: YouTube
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