Celebrity Bombshells From Andy Cohen's New Book

1. Breaking News: Taylor still hates Katy

Andy notices Taylor looking for a seat to watch Lady Gaga's performance at the Met Ball. He suggests an empty spot by "her friend, Katy." Taylor goes "Katy who?" Andy says Taylor made it clear they are not friends and asked him to never mention this incident on WWHL lol

2. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston almost ran into each other at a restaurant. This is boring af but Andy is good friends with John Mayer so I'm assuming if he thinks this is gossipy, it means John and Jen aren't on good terms and even passing by each other would've been awkward.

3. Michael Strahan claims Andy "hurt his feelings" but couldn't produce receipts when asked. Andy is bffs with Kelly Ripa so he just sounds butthurt.

4. Andy turned down Oprah's offer to be on Oprah: Where Are They Now? because he thought it would be stupid and no one would care. Also, he had to miss a personal invite to brunch with Oprah at her Santa Barbara estate with Anderson Cooper because of WWHL.

5. Tori Spelling is pissed that Andy joked about her falling on a hibachi at Benihana. She wrote him an angry email saying she lost all use of that arm lmao ok


I want more deets about his creepy young bf. He looks like Tyler Poesy/Andy Samberg imo.

Source: ET

I think Andy's diary books would be really monotonous to read because they really are like diary entries, but I get the audiobooks and fucking love them. I have a road trip next weekend that this book will get me through.