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People magazine editor defends glamorous Donald Trump cover

A follow up to this

In a staff memo, People editor-in-chief Jess Cagle explained and defended the reasoning behind his decision, saying that:

- it's in no way a celebration or endorsement of a "deeply polarizing figure"
- continus to stand by Natasha (People writer Natasha Stoynoff was physically attacked by Trump in 2005), and her attack is mentioned on the story
- it seemed wrong choosing anyone other than the president-elect on the cover
- the magazine celebrates tolerance and inclusion, no matter who's president

Some of the things Cagle doesn't realize:
- the problem isn't just Trump being on the cover but giving him the 'glamour-shot treatment'
- this person sexually assaulted one of their own writers, advocates hate and promised to crack down on the free press, and the best cover/story People can come up with is "his life, his family, and his astonishing journey"

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