Sailor Moon R: The Movie to be released for first time in N.A. theaters

Sailor Moon R: The Movie, the first of three films tied in with the 1990s television adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi's popular manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, will be shown in American theaters in January 2017 for the first time ever. The remastered movie, directed by Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS series director Kunihiko Ikuhara, was originally released in Japanese theaters on December 5, 1993. Pioneer's English dub, known as Sailor Moon R The Movie: Promise of the Rose, was debuted in 2000.

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The story for Sailor Moon R: The Movie revolves around the Sailor Guardians coming to the rescue of Tuxedo Mask, who has been taken captive by a mysterious alien named Fiore.

The film's new English dub by Viz Media will include the same voice cast from the company's recent English releases of the classic anime as well as the new series Sailor Moon Crystal. The most recent Moonlight Party event on November 11, 2016 revealed that the character of Fiore will be dubbed in English by Benjamin Diskin (Eugene Horowitz in Hey Arnold!).

Both the English dub as well as the original Japanese version with English subtitles will be theatrically released (STC). In Japan, the movie was paired with a fifteen-minute recap special called Make Up! Sailor Senshi (Sailor Guardians) that chronicles the story so far in the television series. This may or may not be included with the Viz release.

Tickets will be on sale "soon." More details to come, which will hopefully include showtimes and locations.

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The first volume of Viz Media's Sailor Moon S (season three) DVD and Blu-ray sets will be available on November 15, 2016.

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