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Little Mix's GLORY DAYS Album Sampler & Review + #GloryDaysRoadTrip + SOTME Acoustic + More

  1. SHOUT OUT TO MY EX: Its mix of personal insight and fun ferociousness sets the agenda for Glory Days decorously.

  2. TOUCH: There's a seductive bass line, the beats pop in all the right places, and there are clicks ready for some on-point choreography.

  3. F.U.: It's a tasty twist on the traditional love song format, giving two fingers up to being treated wrongfully while fluttering their eyelashes.

  4. OOPS FT. CHARLIE PUTH: It's hard to not be swept up with the melody of this one, as well as its addictive whistle line. Charlie Puth also puts in an appearance as the other half, and his warm tone fits nicely opposite the girls' soulful vocals.

  5. YOU GOTTA NOT: It's buoyant, fun and knowingly fierce.

  6. DOWN & DIRTY: It builds with synths and pulsating beats throughout, before dropping into trap-pop on the chorus where we can only imagine the seductive routine the girls are dreaming up for this one.

  7. POWER: It's their most ferocious delivery with raspy growls and big declarations on the hook.

  8. YOUR LOVE: There's no other way of describing this than it feeling like 3 minutes and 27 seconds of being whisked away to a warm paradise island of joy.

  9. NOBODY LIKE YOU: Some of the delivery is so emotionally-charged it sounds like they could burst into tears at any moment. It's powerful and lifted even further at the end with echoed piano and strings.

  10. NO MORE SAD SONGS: It's a beautifully defiant twist on a subtle club banger, and Perrie's big vocal run at the end is a real moment.

  11. PRIVATE SHOW: Sharp brass gives it bounce, rattling beats give it energy and the chorus will have pretty much everyone lip-syncing for their legacy.

  12. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS: It's a blissful sentiment to end with on an album that largely deals with heartbreak and love.

  • The girls released an acoustic version of their #1 single Shout Out To My Ex.

  • The girls are gonna be tomorrow night on The Jonathan Ross Show.

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I really think Touch, Down & Dirty, Power, No More Sad Songs, and Private Show have a lot of potential to be singles. Those songs sound really different to their usual sound, so I'm excited!
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