Lady Gaga urges America to sign petition to try and change Electoral outcome

In what appears to be the first sign of the end of the world, yesterday, Trump was elected president.This has made people, including celebrities, to come out and speak about their rage, fear and condemn this ungodly historic "milestone". One of them is Lady Gaga, who against all odds, has been consistent, inclusive and brave, calling out news media, reminding LGBTQ+ people about help center hot line numbers, peaceful protesting and more.

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How are you holding up, ONTD? As a non-American (I'm Mexican) I feel powerless. This election will affect us all and there's not much we can do. So I urge to all Americans to keep fighting for what is right, dont let your anger blind you and get you so exhausted you cannot fight anymore. The world is counting on you.

Also, please, this is not the time for antistans and mean comments.