Lady Gaga and Cher wept backstage following Trump win + Katy Perry supposed to sing the anthem

If you feel devastated about the election result at least you can console yourself with the fact that your faves felt equally bad. According to reports both Lady Gaga and Cher were seen crying backstage at Hilary's results event while Katy Perry was booked to sing the national anthem before it became apparent that Donald Trump was to become the next president of the United States. In the pic above you can see a distraught Lady Gaga along with Katy watching the election results as they came through.

Lady Gaga leaving the event:

And some background info on Katy+Gaga's pic:

"I took this picture of @katyperry and @ladygaga last night at the Javits Center, where everyone had come to celebrate our first female president. It was taken when Pennsylvania's ballots were counted, and it felt officially over. The room was sad but not shocked: The closer the race, the more divided the republic. Yet, we had hope. We still do. Here's to praying we find answers in places we never expected them, and for not forgetting that it's darkest just before the dawn."

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