Lena Dunham compares voting for Jill Stein to sleeping with men in relationships

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Lena writes:

"When I was 22 I fell in love with an older guy. He had a girlfriend but we still had sex, just often enough for me to think he loved me too. So I devised a plan: I would stay single until he was available. I would just tough it out and be ready whenever. But after he and his girlfriend broke up, he got a different girlfriend. We kept having sex. Then he got another girlfriend. We had sex slightly less often. He kept girlfriends, and I kept waiting, and it took me way too long to realize I was alone and only getting alone-er. That's basically your vote for Jill Stein. Cuz she'll be fine doing what she's always done. And you'll have Trump as a president."