The Curious Case of Casey Affleck's Past and How the New York Times Addressed It

After Casey Affleck's sexual harassment lawsuits were addressed in a New York Times article yesterday, I tweeted the writer out of concern for how she worded things when she stated "Magdalena Gorka, a cinematographer, said that Mr. Affleck had climbed into bed with her while she was sleeping and embraced her" (emphasis mine). She then deleted her tweets making the post hard to understand and prompting me to make a massive edit.

Her reply to me in regards to her choice of words

Her other response when I questioned her on the difference between an embrace and grope was this:

My problem with the Times is not just that they used the term "embraced" but they made it sound like Gorka herself said it. I wanted to know how did the news coverage go from claiming she was groped to embraced? More importantly how and why does that happen in so many similar stories? It's not OK if this is where the narrative is going in this or any report of alleged sexual misconduct.

When you compare the picture Cara Buckley paints in her article VS others or the court papers she cites to defend her wording (which also state Gorka threw up at one point during the project due to degradation and exhaustion) could it be said that the Times is perpetuating rape culture by revising the past to paint a gentler picture of the entire situation? If so how do we prevent this from happening in future cases?

I had more questions in the original post but chose to delete them because if Cara Buckley's deleted tweets are any indication, we would never get an answer to them anyways and it's probably not a good idea to ask. Especially not about whether or not Affleck's past family ties to the Times had an impact on her article.

Bottom line, this is not just about Casey Affleck or Nate Parker or anyone who's faced these accusations, this is about every time a similar case devolves into something that is dismissive, misleading, entirely false and is then completely ignored. If the media won't address these things then who does and should we even continue to try? Do they even realize that the reason celebrity cases are important is because the way they handle it trickles down to the rest of us in society? The every day person can and is affected when a dismissive attitude towards sex crimes and allegations becomes standard for the press.

Personally, I'm completely done calling out hollywood I wish more people would call out Hollywood too because unless there is support from mainstream media I don't know that it's effective and quite frankly it's intimidating given the power celebrities and huge media companies have.

Sorry to disappoint, confuse, or annoy by the editing but her deletions really threw me and I think its worth noting that the lawsuit against Affleck states a concern about his influence which makes me too apprehensive to address this again. Shout out to ceilidh_ann, thanks for all her help.

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