Which former Mickey Mouse Club cast member was Justin Timberlake ~shading~ here

Egomaniac, Jimmy Fallon sidekick, and wannabe actor Justin Timberlake recently did an interview with Variety and had a lot to say as usual.

- During the interview the topic of his quest to become an actor comes up and he brings up his formative years starring in the Mickey Mouse Club and he delivers this little shade nugget because Timberlake can't help himself:

“It’s not a stretch when you see people who’ve come out of that show and go, ‘Oh, that guy can sing? Oh, that girl can act?’ We were taught all that, and we were just sponges — most of us, anyway — just soaking it all in.”

Britney? Christina? Jc Chasez?

- he talks about his new music with Pharrell that will according to his description punch you in the eye
- he gets all new agey and talks about how he really doesn't know anything and is living in the now
- director Jonathon Demme says Justin's on the brink of his breakout movie despite being box office poison where he's the lead and having a crack at movies for over a decade.

sources https://twitter.com/KathleenNB/status/794225369989738496
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