Election's Over: Beyonce to Campaign For Hillary This Weekend

Inarguably the closest celebrites to the current President, Beyonce and Jay Z will be endorsing Hillary Clinton at the Get Out the Vote concert in Ohio tomorrow.  Jay Z had already been announced to perform but this is the first news that Bey is getting involved.  The decision is unsurprising considering she had quietly donated to the campaign months earlier.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and look at Bey's most iconic moments with the Obamas.

Together with Obama during a fundraiser for his campaign

Singing At Last for the Obama's first dance after their win on Election Night 2008

Singing at Obama's inauguration.

A picture of her at the White House with Bo, the Obamas' dog.  Jay and Bey also spent time with the Obamas for the Easter Egg Hunt, their vacations at Camp David and President Obama's recent birthday bash.

Source + Google Images

Oooop those racists thought they won flooding her online CMA videos with shitty comments but Pettyonce was ready and waiting to clap back.