Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

OK! Magazine has an exclusive scoop on Taylor's rumored pregnancy w/ their cover today: “[Taylor Swift] Shocker! Pregnant! Who’s The Dad?” According to the magazine’s report, the "Moment I Knew" singer is expecting a baby and dealing with baby daddy problems!

Apparently she's not sure who it is because she's had so many boyfriends but friends have a hunch that it is Calvin Harris' child.

Taylor, who has been single for a few days has been recently caught mingling with Drake and is currently recording w/ him.

“[Taylor Swift] friends aren’t even sure who the father would be, though their money’s on Calvin Harris. The timing fits for a late-summer reunion with him, which could have prompted her to dump Tom [Hiddleston]. That would put her a few months along.”


what kind of Rosemary's Baby situation... I wonder if she'll copyright the baby.