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Canadian Comic Legend Dave Broadfoot passes away at 90

- Dave Broadfoot is probably most remembered as a member of The Royal Canadian Air Farce. He appeared on both the radio and television version of the show. His best-known characters were the Honourbale Member for Kicking Horse Pass, Sgt Renfrew of the RCMP, and Big Bobby Clobber a hockey player who had taken to many pucks to the head.
- He was known for an act that blended genial satire, Canadiana-laced content, and an extensive knowledge of political and historical goings-on. Broadfoot poked fun at all regions of the country with mildly politically incorrect results, praising the peace and quiet one finds in Quebec on Canada Day, and also in an extended riff on Canadian inventiveness.
- Said by many to be a pioneer of Canadian comedy and was even once called the Canadian John Cleese. He found fame outside of Canada as well and even appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.
- Born in Vancouver on Dec. 5, 1925, Broadfoot began hitting stages soon after serving in the navy during the Second World War.
- Broadfoot was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 1983 and 20 years later was presented with the Governor General's Performing Arts Award.
- Further information on his passing isn't available, his family confirmed his passing to the CBC.


rip dave :( i rememebr watching his stuff with my parents all the time while i was little. he was probably one of my favourite air farce cast members. i really hope cbc puts together a tribute episode to him.
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