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What's Next for FX's Atlanta?


-Tonight is Atlanta's season finale but don't fear since it got renewed very early back in September

-So far it looks like Atlanta's second season will also only be 10 episodes long.

-It's expected to come back in fall 2017, but it could be even later considering that Glover was cast as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spinoff film, and that will have to start filming sometime soon as that movie is slated to come out 2018.

-Glover is up for listening to fan reaction in terms of where the second season goes: "I don’t want to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, I don’t care what the audience thinks.’ It does matter to me. I just want them to think, to be honest. I want them to think about it. I think Season 2 will be affected by how people take in the food we’re giving them, essentially. I don’t know what that means, but I want to see how it all fits with them. Because I think that’s part of our making art is that we’re in this together. It’s a dance, really."


Rolling Stone had a short interview with Brian Tyree Henry (there's a video at the source) where he talked about his love of hip-hop which he fell in love with in the 80s which he thinks was the "best time for rap": "It was still clean – there wasn't lots of cursing going on," he says. "Hip-hop was really trying to talk about something. [Then] when Biggie came around, I lost it. Here was this dude who was so young from Brooklyn who could do this lyricism unlike anything I've ever heard in my life."

But he still also enjoys modern day hip-hop: "I love trap-rap because it's very clear at this point in time it's all about getting turnt," he says. "I love that. I love that you can just walk into the club and hear Young Jeezy or hear Fetty, and it's on."

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