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FKA Twigs presents her collaboration "ROOMS" with Veuve Clicquot + more from her interview with ES

@fkatwigs: what is this flesh? what does it mean? we must dig inside for our new face... the teacher, shaman and truth @sagazan. ROOMS, final happening tonight.

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More from her interview with the London Evening Standard:

  • When asked who she admired growing up: "Nobody."

  • If she had any posters on her walls during her youth: "I've never done anything like that. I think it's weird."

  • When asked if she was inspired by anyone at all, she responds: "No. People always ask me that and I can reel off names, but none are true." The interviewer then asks if she was inspired by early Gaga: "Not really."

  • About her musical influences growing up: "I was aware of Prince and David Bowie, yeah, but I grew up in a house where I listened to acid jazz from when I was like, five, and Latin. So I never appreciated someone like Prince as boundary-pushing because for me, I was like, "This is natural." I bought his album and thought, "Yeah, course he'd be doing this." But when I first discovered him it wasn't like,"This person is so different", because that is what I was brought up with."

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