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Fifth Harmony open up about slut-shaming: "we're women and we want to feel sexy"

GLAMOUR UK chatted with Ally and Normani about confidence hacks, slut-shaming and more.

You girls ooze confidence and are well known for your female empowering song lyrics. What advice would you give to someone who lacks self-confidence?

N: We would say that we've definitely been there. I definitely struggled, and you know what, sometimes we all struggle with that. Confidence does not come easy, that's for sure.

A: I think the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who appreciate you and value you, and who are good for you. Because that makes a huge difference. And maybe just look in the mirror every day and start with one thing you like about yourself. It can be physical or it can even be an attribute that you have like if you're really kind or if you're very giving, you know? Something like that.
Believe it or not, we've tried it before and it actually worked because you sit down and take the time to really appreciate yourself.

N: And know that you're not alone and we all struggle.

You obvious have a huge fan base and a lot of them are young girls who idolise you. Who did you idolise when you were growing up?

A: I still love Selena Quintanilla. I loved her personality and her heart. She loved her fans, she loved her family and she was so passionate and so kind to everybody. And she was an outstanding performer - she knew how to command the stage and connect with the audience and she was just so graceful. She's my biggest inspiration.

N: I have so many. I love Aaliyah, I love Brandy, I love Monica. Destiny's Child I grew up on hard core, like I can't tell you how much I love the three of them so much and what they had to offer. They changed the scene for girl groups and they kind of paved the way for us.
I feel like all of those artists kind of made me into the artist that I am today and are the reasons why I love RnB in general. I'm an old soul.

And if you could be in any other girl group, past or present, who would it be?

N: I would say Destiny's Child. I just love them so much and Beyonce, she's actually my greatest inspiration.
And also the Spice Girls would be really cool. I feel like we would all just have fun, there would be like 10 of us, right?

Speaking of the Spice Girls, Mel C recently spoke out about the trend in young girls in the music industry being over sexualised. What are your opinions on that?

N: Yeah I definitely feel like just society today, not just in the music industry - is a place where women are sexualised and that's a problem with equality. I feel like sometimes we're going back or reversing in time. I definitely think that women don't deserve to be sexualised or torn down or judged on whatever it is that they wear or however it is they choose to express themselves.
I know that we are women and we're super proud to be women and we work really hard on our bodies. We work every single day and we just love to be able to present that and show everybody that we're proud of who we are. Women come in all different shapes and sizes and ethnicities so we really love to show that and be the voice for those girls who don't necessarily feel confident.
It really sucks because when the Work From Home video got released, we got great comments, but we also got really nasty comments where people were like "these sluts" and we got completely slut shamed. It was just unfortunate because we're women and we want to feel sexy and we like to look at ourselves with shorts and crop tops and whatever makes us feel confident. I don't think you should judge somebody on whatever it is that makes them feel good. Just let them be.

some people can't process the idea that women, even very young, may want to feel sexy. as Normani said, "just let them be"

source and rest of the interview: twitter
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