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Jennifer Hawkins Tries, Fails To Be Excluded From The Current Donald Trump Narrative

- Trump was at a Sydney event in 2011 and was pissy about Jen Hawkins supposedly turning down the gig of introducing him
- He calls Hawkins on stage and she tries to defend herself, saying that it was too late notice, there was a "miscommunication"
- She also apologises
- Trump says he was going to insult Hawkins on-stage as payback, call her "not very bright" even if that wasn't true
- Notes that she still came tonight, makes a sexual innuendo
- Then leans in for a kiss, Hawkins turns her head just in time

- years later, footage is uncovered by HuffPo
- Hawkins is then asked about it at Spring Racing, says that Trump and his family have always treated her with respect
- Doesn't want to get involved in the politics of it all; doesn't agree with everything but also doesn't want to make "negative comments"
- Says she doesn't want drama in her life, because she's too busy selling her house for all that

The article headline at the source still calls the video 'awkward'  smh

source: 1
Tags: australian celebrities, beauty pageant, donald trump, sexism

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