Zayn talks about his anxiety and eating disorder on his book

  • In his book "ZAYN", he talks about struggling with an eating disorder and how he was really sick in 2014, he wouldn't eat for days.

  • Says he's grateful for the X Factor and the opportunity to be in the group.

  • When he was in 1D, he had anxiety issues but were manageable, as a solo performer he felt more exposed and the stress was too much.

  • The day he had to perform at the Capital Summertime Ball, he was sick, couldn't breathe. He was paralyzed with anxiety. His team wanted him to release a statement he had fallen ill but he decided he wanted to be honest about his anxiety.

  • He loves performing and doesn't wanna do something else, that's why it's so frustrating for him that his anxiety interferes with it.

  • He's thankful for all the support and was surprised by how many people suffer from anxiety like him.

  • He says he's happier now because he has more control than when he was in 1D because it was a "machine going at 100 miles per hour and it was harder to get off that".

SOURCE: TIME and AP entertainment
have u struggled with mental illness? and if you have, do people take you seriously?