Blasphemy! Billboard Compares Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse's Legacies

  • It was the tenth anniversary of both Taylor Swift and Back to Black last week so the author thought it was a good idea to compare Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse.

  • Admits that they are both opposites, but that they are the two defining artists of our decade.

  • "Taylor Swift is everything that Amy Winehouse wasnt" a The Express' headline said back in 2015.

  • Says that Taylor and Amy were fans of each other's music by posting a video of the snake covering Rehab and mentioning that Amy was once papped heading to Abbery Road Studios where Swift was having performing for BBC2.

  • States that it's not hard to imagine Amy relating to Taylor Swift's songs.

  • Wonders if Amy would've taken over like Taylor did if she was still alive, ignoring that this comparison would only make sense if he replaced Taylor with Adele but whatevs.


Does this comparison makes any sense, ONTD? TYFYA!