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Why Steven Yeun’s Entertainment Weekly cover is such a huge deal

* According to Fusion, Steven Yeun is only one of three male Asian actors - and only one of two living male Asian actors - to have an EW cover all to himself.

* He had previously been featured solo on an EW cover, but that was part of a Walking Dead "collectible covers" edition where alternate covers featuring other cast members were available. Basically, this is the first time he's had a cover where you can't get away from his face.

* The other two times Asian male actors had covers all to themselves (not counting other special edition collectible covers) were back in 2007 with Masi Oka of Heroes and 1994 with Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) a year after his death.


also, 11 Asian-American stars talk about the iconic roles they've always wanted to play. albert tsai for harry potter, y/y?
Tags: asian celebrities, the walking dead / ftwd (amc)

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