James Packer was violent and unstable towards Mariah Carey's assistant and dancer

  • James thought something was going on between Mariah and her back up dancer/choreographer Bryan Tanaka when he still showed up to one of her shows despite not dancing due to a knee injury. James pulled Bryan into a room and there was a lot of yelling, though it's not known whether things got physical.

  • James was so jealous and mad at Bryan that he used his casino connections to get Bryan banned from Caesar's Palace and sent security pics of him so they know not to let him in.

  • Mariah hasn't spoken to James in a month and decided to break things off due to an incident in Greece.

  • While on vacation on a yacht in Greece, James did something so bad involving her assistant that Mariah got off the yacht, bailed on the vacation, and went back to LA. What James did is currently unknown, but James denies that anything bad happened.

  • Mariah currently fears James and believes that he is currently not in his right mind.