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Greg Berlanti on Katie Cassidys return to the Flarrowgirl-verse

-Wendy Mericle on Katies return: “We’re really excited to have her, and it’s absolutely going to be a surprising, cool way that we bring her back,”

-Stehen Amell on Katies return: “We find her in a very unexpected spot at a very, very retrospectively expected time,”

-Madison McLaughlin on Katies return: “Meeting Katie, she was the sweetest; she totally embraced me and really welcomed me, and I have a feeling it would be a really similar encounter with Evelyn and the Black Canary.”

-Greg Berlanti on Katies return: “She gets to play a couple of different things this year. She’s not just playing a character this year. She’s a couple of different things,”

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What happened to MGs "we have told all the stories we can with Laurel"
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