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Critics aren't happy with The Walking Dead

"I’ve been writing about this medium for 20 years and watching it for more than 40, and I can’t recall a major TV series marketing cruelty and trauma as cynically, even gleefully, as this AMC saga. The rampage was hyped by a lengthy, thorough ad campaign spotlighting not any regular cast member, but Negan and his weapon. [...] This is revealing: AMC’s marketing department generated suspense by asking who would live and who would die after Negan’s bat-fest, yet the emphasis was not on the potential victim(s), but Morgan’s George Clooney smile and Negan’s substitute phallus."

"The Walking Dead has become the dramatic equivalent of clickbait."

"Even the alternate-reality fantasy where everyone was happy and eating Thanksgiving dinner — clearly intended to tug at fan heartstrings — left me feeling numb and…dare I say it…bored. Then it hit me. I didn’t care about the deaths of Abraham and Glenn because the show didn’t seem to care either. “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” isn’t about Negan’s victims. It’s about the pain of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Which, considering who died, is pretty damn insulting."

"It was horrifically violent. It was cruel. And the show had the audacity to slap on some cello score and a "what could have been" fantasy sequence to make sure the audience was manipulated as much as possible. This wasn’t quality television, and it wasn’t suspenseful drama. It was torture-porn masquerading as storytelling, and AMC should be ashamed for airing it."

"What this episode did was cruel. It was pointlessly convoluted. It seemed like The Walking Dead was trying to get the audience to thirst for blood — to be relieved when Negan started hitting someone in the head with a baseball bat — rather than to fear what Negan was capable of."

"So that was “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.” It was miserable, and tedious, and made me feel bad. Not in an emotionally compelling way, just in a “I could be watching something of value” way. Who needs this shit?"

"Torture porn is what most people call bloody, meaningless images of sadistic cruelty on a TV screen. The Walking Dead, unsurprisingly, calls it prime-time entertainment. Me, I call it exhausting."

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ONTD, has your fav show's thirsty attempt to create their own Red Wedding hype backfired as spectacularly as this?
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