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Shadowhunters Season 2 - New Teaser, The Cast Supports #SpiritDay, and EmpireOnline Interview

Empire Online have interviewed new Season 2 Showrunner Todd Slavkin about he and writing partner Darren Swimmer (of Smallville, Melrose Place, Alphas, Dominion, Defiance, etc) coming on board and taking a more ‘adultish and cinematic approach’.

Todd talks the issues he felt Season One had, and how they are making Season Two bigger, darker, more visceral, and more character-driven.
And how although they 'respect' the tone of the source material... they are writing all new content that is basically just better (for television, and in general).

{Todd Slavkin talks MAJOR changes in Shadowhunters Season 2... summarised for your information!}Collapse )

{The Precious Cast Supporting GLAAD and Spirit Day, Standing Up Against Bullying...}Collapse )

Sources: EmpireOnline Twitter, Teaser Trailer #2, Cast Support Spirit Day.

Anti-CC and Pro-Show ShadowFam Lovefest post! Haters and CC fans (lol) need not apply!❤️

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