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Shadowhunters Season 2 - New Teaser, The Cast Supports #SpiritDay, and EmpireOnline Interview

Empire Online have interviewed new Season 2 Showrunner Todd Slavkin about he and writing partner Darren Swimmer (of Smallville, Melrose Place, Alphas, Dominion, Defiance, etc) coming on board and taking a more ‘adultish and cinematic approach’.

Todd talks the issues he felt Season One had, and how they are making Season Two bigger, darker, more visceral, and more character-driven.
And how although they 'respect' the tone of the source material... they are writing all new content that is basically just better (for television, and in general).

-Felt season one moved too fast, show was plot-driven not character-driven. Is slowing things down for season two and thinks "the characters could have more depth... there could be a more resonant emotionality in the show."
-Has brought on director/producer Matt Hastings from The Originals to make the show darker, and the action "more powerful and more visceral". ALL the visuals upgrading in big ways.
-New production designer to make the sets bigger and better, also massive improvement in stunt quality.
-New student coordinator, new weapons, actual swords instead of 'lightsabers' (lmao) "it’s much more of a martial arts approach." More wire work. Trying to elevate the quality of the action.

-Says of season one that the "show felt a little young" and in season two "some of that tone needed to be made a little bit more adult."
-Starting the Malec relationship from the beginning and slowing it down now they’ve had the kiss, they said ‘what now?’ Now showing the evolution of that relationship.
-Plan is to focus less on the adventures and events, but more on the emotions and aftermath on the characters personally.

-Slavkin and Swimmer respect the tone of the books but writing their own different material for the TV show, understand it has to evolve as the medium is different.
-Nearly all the directors this season are new to the show, very few people from season one still doing the show as Matt Hastings wanted to "make the show more cinematic and give the show more scope and more depth."
-The cast all loving life and really excited! ❤️

Sources: EmpireOnline Twitter, Teaser Trailer #2, Cast Support Spirit Day.

Anti-CC and Pro-Show ShadowFam Lovefest post! Haters and CC fans (lol) need not apply!❤️

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