Lady Gaga visits Howard Stern

- On if Joanne is the only time she's written about herself/her life: "Well, no I've wrote about me. I wrote about me on Born This Way and growing up feeling bullied in school and really connecting with my fans in that way, really seeing myself in my fans. And with The Fame & The Fame Monster, TF was more about living on the lower east side and figuring out 'ok how am I going to precieve my music into the world, this thing that is fame is so fascinating.' This was when tabloids, Paris Hilton & all of that was kind of the 'big thing.' And then TFM was about my experiences with fame and the fears that came along with it. So I have written about myself, it's just always been maybe in a more conceptual way."

- On the second single: "I'm not approacing putting out this record in the same way that I've ever put out a record before. I'm gonna perform it, and sing the music and make music videos... old-school style."

- Doesn't have respect for singers who use pre-recorded vocals.

- Will never be on trend because she does not want to be a manufactured performing doll

- Her mother keeps all the memorabilia from her career and Gaga has an archive called "The Vault" with all her props and costumes from the past decade. She said she's hardly visited because it might make her too sad and feel like "a funeral."

You can listen to the full hour-long interview @ the Source