Ryan Lochte petitions Brazilian judge to dismiss his criminal case; is denied

Ryan Lochte may be putting on a front about how he's over the crimes he committed in Brazil, dancing with the stars and getting engaged, but behind the scenes he is still employing lawyers to get Brazilian justice off his back.

The creative story-teller, through his Brazilian lawyers, petitioned a judge to dismiss his criminal case, claiming his conduct was not a crime, because Ryan initially had not gone to the police, but talked "only" to the international media about his "robbery". It was the police who, alerted by the news, began their investigation and came looking for the American swimmers to check on them, get their statements and see if they wanted to file police reports. (Which Ryan and James Feigen did).

Basically, Ryan claims it was the police's fault for looking into a "crime" that was being reported all over the world :(

The judge was not having it. She also pointed out that in Brazilian jurisprudence, the police can start investigations because of news reported by the media. The case is now with the prosecution.